A User-Centered Customer Management Tool for Masterworks

Who Are Masterworks

Masterworks is a full-service marketing and fundraising agency that exists to help faith-based nonprofits achieve their missions through implementing strategies for growth in quality of engagement or in financial terms. They have worked with over 500 non-profits in the past 30 years and some of their strategies involve providing fundraising services or marketing consultation to nonprofit clients.

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What Is MasterView

MasterView is a SaaS Software solution that will be used to help Masterworks demonstrate to their non-profit clients about the history of their customer’s interactions with their organization. Through viewing individualized customer journeys, non-profit clients are able to understand the specific Masterworks marketing strategies that drive users to give a gift and implement those in the future to generate more donations for their causes.

About MasterView

Why This Project

Currently, Masterworks have stated that their clients do not believe digital marketing works. This is because it is difficult to link an ad to a specific donation. A customer may click on a Masterworks ad for a non-profit but go through other links and searches before they finally decide to donate. With this, Masterworks is not able to definitively attribute their donation to their ad. Currently, Masterworks has no way of showing this link, which can jeopardize their client retention in the future.

Our MasterView Tool gives Masterworks the ability to help nonprofits understand the value of investing in digital marketing by:

  • - Helping them view the specific way that a person’s engagement with ads leads to them eventually giving a gift

  • - Showcasing a specific user’s full interaction history to validate to their non-profit client that their investments in digital marketing are meeting their donation goals through specific ad placements

  • - Effectively allowing them to sort through key performance metrics, such as last active date, donation amount and number of actions

With this tool, Masterworks is able to bring informed insights to their non-profit clients by communicating a clear history of how each user interacts with ads and what ultimately causes them to donate.

Primary Features

Non-profit Clients Drop Menu

Through this feature, a Masterworks employee is able to easily find and select a non-profit client. The list is constantly refreshing to bring the recent and most up-to-date list of clients that currently work with the company.

Aggregated List of Customers

This feature allows Masterworks employees to view the list of current customers of the non-profit client that they have selected to view. At a quick glance, they are able to see their total gift donation amount, ads viewed, interactions and last active date.

Sort through Key Values

Masterworks employees have the power to sort through key values with this feature. The values include: full name, gift amount, ads viewed, number of actions and last active date. This will give them the ability to view customer data in a manner that is most relevant to their line of work in the company.

Specific User’s Summary Statistics

Through this feature, Masterworks employees can view how a specific user has interacted with their marketing strategies at a quick and high level. It is extremely user-centered and focuses on what types of campaigns were put out for the user versus what was interacted with by that user. This allows Masterworks employees to view important customer information in a concise manner.

Specific User’s Interaction Visualization

This feature allows Masterworks employees to discover and view all of the trends of each interaction type in a visually appealing format. They are able to isolate different interaction types by clicking on the legend. This can be especially useful when they are showcasing information to their clients who prefer to see charts about specific interactions and how it compares to another type.

Specific User’s Interaction History

With this feature, Masterworks employees are able to view the whole history of interactions that a user has had with a non-profit client’s ads and outreach efforts in one place. It is listed from the most recent interaction to the oldest. This feature is helpful for those who prefer to see customer data on a large scale.


Meet The Team

Albina Udas

Product Manager | UX Researcher
[email protected]

Larry Tian

Frontend Developer | UX Designer
[email protected]

Sathvika Shakhamuri

Backend Developer
[email protected]

Jason Tsai

Frontend | Backend Developer
[email protected]

Other Information

Project Status

This is a University of Washington Information School Capstone project for Winter/Spring 2022 sponsored by Masterworks.By June of 2022, we will have handed over all documentation and code to Masterworks.

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If you have any questions about the project, feel free to reach out!